Light Landscaping

Decorative Stone

  • Stone availability varies
  • Truckload deliveries
  • Application by our crews

Certified Organic Compost

Certified Organic Compost aids your plants to thrive and flourish. Organic Compost not only helps feed your vegetation but can also improve soil aeration and water retention. Compost adds key nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

  • Certified Organic Compost is made from green landscape waste such as leaves, grass, wood chips, as well as garden and landscape debris.
  • Soil amendment for gardens, flowerbeds, potted plants
  • COVERAGE- 1 Yard = app. 100 sq ft @ 2” / 1,200 lbs


  • Truckload deliveries
  • Application by our crews

Screened Sand

Screen Sand is fine sand that has a wide range of uses. Screen Sand is often used for playgrounds, masonry projects, or a pool liner base.

  • Truckload deliveries
  • Placement by our crews

Shrub/Bush Maintenance

  • Planting
  • Pruning/Shaping
  • Removal

Top Soil

We provide topsoil which can be used for grading, gardens, and lawns. Our black dirt is screened making the dirt easier to rake when planting grass seed.

  • Available in bags or bulk
  • Used for grading, gardens, lawns
  • Black, tan, gray mixture can vary.
  • Screened but may contain small debris
  • COVERAGE- 1 Yard = app. 324 sq ft @ 1” / 2,800 lbs