Mailer Campaign 2022

A postcard mailer campaign was launched for 2022. If you received a mailer, terms and conditions apply for services offered.

Discount on the first application with the purchase of a four-step fertilizer program terms:

The customer can receive a discount for our four-step fertilizer program with contract and pre-paid services for the four-step program. This discount can be applied to new or previous customers without a current contact on record for the 2022 season. Customers already on contract for 2022 have received a pricing discount for continued service.

Discount off the first mow with seasonal contract terms:

The customer can receive a discount for the first mow with a seasonal contract (approximately 18-24 mows depending on the weather). This discount does not apply for a one-time service or short-term mow during equipment repair or vacation. This discount is not eligible for current customers on contract.